On-Demand and Managed IT Services for Central and Eastern Kentucky Businesses

We deliver IT services and solutions for businesses of all sizes and industry types. Each of our services are designed to accommodate the unique needs and structure of each one of our clients. We take care of your technology, so that you can focus on running your business.

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Lexington Geek Enterprise Services


Overseeing the IT infrastructure of an enterprise is demanding and challenging, so it requires a balanced mix of universal strategy, routine monitoring, consistent maintenance, and a staff of certified and experienced engineers. Lexington Geek offers teams equipped with the skills and knowledge in all areas of Enterprise Management, ready to help your business leverage the available technology that will help your business grow. Each of our fully stacked service offerings will help you streamline your digital operations, even if you need one or multiple services. Keeping your business model and objectives in mind, we’ll help you strategize on which enterprise service is the best to incorporate into your company.


Cybercriminals know where their bread is buttered. Small businesses are low hanging fruit because, odds are, the small business doesn’t have the firepower to defend against an attack. The security strategies you put into place today for your organization can safeguard your company’s data, save you thousands of dollars in money from cyber-attacks, and protect the privacy of your employees. Lexington Geek will ensure your company is compliant with all industry standards, install the necessary firewalls at access points, and can install the security on the grounds of your business to monitor your physical assets as well.

Lexington Geek Security

Lexington Geek Cloud Services


Cloud services are an alternate solution to consider if your business is running into problems with housing all the company’s data, programs, and systems on an in-house server. Cloud computing allows users and businesses to store and access data from a cloud hosted server, saving space on physical hardware. Most of us already use cloud services daily, without even knowing it, in very different ways, and because cloud services cover a wide scope of services, these resources are customizable to meet the needs and structure of your business’s operations. Whether you are interested in a custom application, private cloud, or implementing Microsoft 365, Lexington Geek will design a cloud strategy that best fits your business model and will save your company time and money.


In a post-Covid world, businesses who use Data Analytics and Business Intelligence to make data driven decisions will have a leg up on the competition. Data can reveal truths that improve decision-making, allowing you to spot market trends, track performance, and analyze customer behavior.  Too often, data organizations struggle to keep data secure, accurate, and accessible because their data lives in silos, but with Power BI from Microsoft, you can bring multiple data sources together into one, cloud-based dashboard.

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A critical component to the heart of any business is a successful network management system. Network management is the setup, operation, and servicing of a business’s network infrastructure, which means your IT is an integral part of how your business accomplishes day to day operations. So understandably, it only makes sense to choose a provider equipped with the right means and tools to implement an effective network management system for your business. Partnering with Lexington Geek means you will get real-time routine monitoring on your organization’s network to help you stay ahead of problems before they happen. And when they do happen, Lexington Geek will be there to service the issues quickly with little downtime, enhancing the long-term performance of your business.

Lexington Geek Network Management
Lexington Geek Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity


Unexpected disruptions to operations can occur without a moment’s notice. Your business continuity strategy will define your company’s ability to restore data and crucial applications in the event of a disaster. Every minute that your business is down can mean lost revenue and increased difficulty in getting operations back up and running. Lexington Geek will construct a plan designed to head off catastrophe before it happens, but if it does, the experienced team at Lexington Geek will be able to retrieve your lost data to get your company back up and running.


To maximize the most from your digital and communication equipment, it is important to have a knowledgeable and capable team who can install the right electrical network foundation correctly. Depending on your company’s size and physical layout, our team of trained installers will help you select the right equipment and design the wiring system best suited for your company.

Lexington Geek Low Voltage
Web and Software development services

Web & Software Development

Having completed and delivered numerous successful projects to clients across Louisville, our team of full-stack developers is ready to help translate your vision and put it into production. With customizable software and web development services, you’ll collaborate with experienced, thorough, and creative developers who will provide full-circle development services. Each one will walk you through each step of the development process, from consultation and assessment to development and implementation. Whether you are looking to customize a new website for your business or update your current one, or if you’re looking to create a software solution to meet an operational need, we can help you get started today.


Backed by the experience, resources, and partnerships of Louisville Geek, we are bringing our support to the Bluegrass state, one business at a time. We are ready to bring innovative technology solutions and excellent service to you.

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