How Much Does Power BI Cost?

With Microsoft’s Power BI, you can connect all of those data sources and automatically bring all of your data into one place, providing you with a full overview of your most important data.

Microsoft Ignite 2021

This year’s Microsoft Ignite conference announced new features and tools, all built to enhance the new hybrid world.

How to Find the Right IT Support for your Small Business

Selecting an IT provider is one of the most significant decisions any business can make, especially in today’s business climate where we rely on technology more than ever.

Hybrid Work Model

A hybrid work model allows some employees to work remotely while others work on-premises. For some, it means that it doesn’t matter where you work from as long as you get your work done.

5 Outlook Tips and Tricks in 2021

There are numerous tips and tricks to use to help you make the most out of Outlook.

Use Microsoft’s MileIQ to Automatically Track Your Mileage

MileIQ, a Microsoft product, will automatically detect and calculate all of your business miles using your smartphone

How Much Does Microsoft 365 Cost?

In April of 2020, Office 365 became Microsoft 365. Most of the pricing and plans remained the same, but it still caused a bit of confusion for Microsoft customers, nonetheless.

3 Technology Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make and How You Can Avoid Them

Here are the top 3 mistakes we see being made by small businesses and our advice on how you can avoid these mistakes.

Has Your Business Considered Security Awareness Training?

Your employees are exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks every day. Security experts estimate that 3.4 billion phishing emails are sent each day.