Use Microsoft’s MileIQ to Automatically Track Your Mileage

If you’re like millions of other small businesses, tracking mileage reimbursement can be a tedious chore. The good news is, if you’re on the Microsoft 365 Business Standard license ($12.50/mo.), there’s a free iOS and Android app that will track your personal and business miles for free. MileIQ, a Microsoft product, will automatically detect and calculate all of your business miles using your smartphone.

After downloading the app (you do need to give it permissions to allow access to your location), there is literally nothing you need to do. MileIQ automatically detects and calculates all of your drive miles. The app runs quietly in the background and you don’t need to open it until you’re ready to review your drives.

The User Interface, a combination of Robinhood and Tinder, allows you to swipe left or right to sort your trips into personal or business categories. Categorizing or downloading past driving records can be done anytime, which is a nice perk for those of us who like to procrastinate around tax season. Because the data lives in Microsoft Azure, your information stays private and only visible to you.

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