What Does the Post-Covid Workplace Look Like? It Starts With Smart Office Buildings

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced most of us out of the office and into our living rooms, the traditional office workspace was already undergoing changes. The traditional workplace model of employees being in cubicles for hours at a time was already in retreat.

While predicting exactly what office spaces will look like in a post-Covid world is virtually impossible, agile office spaces and smart office technology are here to stay. Employees and tenants will expect much more than a simple rectangular shelter to conduct their work, and smart office technologies can provide the safety, efficiency, connectivity, and flexibility to meet the demand.

For commercial building owners, smart office technologies are a sound investment. A smart building solution can control your HVAC system, security system, lighting, reducing energy and maintenance costs. When builders leverage these technologies, they automatically become more attractive to potential tenants.

3 Ways an IT provider can help design your smart office building


Smart office technologies rely on low voltage connectivity, so you’ll want to ensure that this is addressed early in the planning stages. An experienced IT provider can help design the plan to ensure the technology you purchase will perform as expected.


While smart office technology offers a ton of benefits, it can also be an expensive investment, so you want to make sure you do it right the first time. An experienced IT provider should be able to price shop through various vendors to ensure you get the best pricing available.


While there are countless advantages to smart technologies, what good will it do if it’s not configured properly? An experienced IT provider who understands the goals of the system can oversee the configuration process to ensure all of your systems remain connected.

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